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At OxygenWorldwide no matter how young we will take care.

Respiratory diseases are amongst all ages and therefore we are a service that takes this into consideration. You may be travelling to Disneyland in America or to your holiday retreat in Spain but what ever destination you choose we will make sure your care is in good hands.


Arranging Oxygen in Multiple Countries Abroad


Although the process of flying abroad with oxygen is getting easier, it is still another hassle on top of organising travel insurance, flights or boat trips, accommodation, transport and having to check with doctors and individual companies involved in your travel plans to ensure that you’ve done everything you need to. And that’s just when you’re travelling to one country.

If you want to visit more than one country it can be an additional hassle. As it is you can arrange your oxygen via the British Consulate in the country that you’re visiting, which would mean not only talking to additional parties but making multiple conversations to enquire, check and confirm with each one in each country that you are visiting. This is not only highly time consuming but opens up the possibility of something going wrong on a stint of your journey and making it difficult to rectify. Many travellers have also experienced language barriers and difficulties in explaining medical terminology making it a frustrating experience. In some countries you are required to visit a doctor in that country before you are allowed to be prescribed oxygen and you may have to wait days or weeks before receiving it.

The other option is to use a private company to supply your oxygen abroad. There are a few companies that offer oxygen across multiple countries or are global. This obviously incurs an additional cost, however it means that you would have to only communicate with one company and they just need to know travel arrangements are what your oxygen requirements are. Private companies are more able to respond quickly in an emergency, have back-up services available and be able to reach more remote locations, quickly. They sometimes operate on a 24hr basis, handy when considering time-differences in some countries.

Sonya Pettigrew is a parent who has experienced all sorts of problems with travelling abroad with oxygen says ‘I found Oxygen Worldwide a…reliable company that were willing to deliver cylinders wherever we wanted, even to our camp-site!’ and uses them regularly. They hold your details ready for your next holiday and most of all will remove a huge weight from your shoulders by reducing the worry and hassle aspect of organising your holiday abroad. They have over 20 years of experience, competitively priced, work with multiple suppliers across multiple countries and have the ability to respond quickly in an emergency. Sometimes peace of mind over something so medically important is worth the cost of a few extra pounds.

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Oxygen and Travel – we have it covered

Travelling with oxygen has become much easier with the development of portable oxygen concentrators (POCs). These devices run on a battery pack, can be recharged, plugged into the wall or a cigarette lighter in a car, and can be taken on airplanes.


There are several makes and models, with widely differing features, so it is important to choose the one that is best for you, that delivers enough oxygen to keep your saturation 90 percent or greater at rest and with activity.

Some tips for air travel with POC’s:

·         Start making arrangements with the airline well ahead of time to find out which POC is allowed. Many airlines list accepted manufacturers and brands on their websites.

·         Allow plenty of extra time for check-in.

·         Carry several extra battery packs. FAA regulations require enough battery time to cover 150 percent of the flight time.

·         POC’s and battery packs can be rented.

·         Carry an extra three-way plug for recharging your POC in the airport. People often need to recharge their electronic equipment in the airport during layovers, and this will help assure that you will be able to recharge yours.

·         POC’s are exempt from the carry-on allowance.

·         Carry a prescription for oxygen, signed by your doctor.

For more information about oxygen supply whilst on holiday please enquire now at www.oxygenworldwide.com and register for our SOS back up service.

Travelling with COPD


Having COPD or using home oxygen does not mean you cannot travel. Advances in portable oxygen and respiratory equipment have provided those who like travel with our lightweight, battery-operated devices that make travelling for all of our patients easier than ever.Recent changes in airline policy have made it possible to bring approved all of our oxygen concentrators on board airlines.Careful planning is essential for those with COPD. Here is a small check list based on the following information to ensure your trip goes smoothly.

Where are you going?

Be sure to research the city or state that you will be visiting. Places at high or low altitude can affect your breathing. Poor air quality can cause an exacerbation of COPD. Before you leave, call ahead or check air pollution levels to determine if air quality will be an issue.

Are you healthy enough to travel?

Nothing ruins a holiday faster than ending up in a hospital bed. Schedule a visit with your health care provider shortly before you plan to leave. He or she might prescribe extra medication in case of a flare – up whilst on the road. Your doctors can also provide you with your home-oxygen prescription as well as with any other medical documents that may be required when you travel.

How will you get there ?

How you travel can also affect your COPD systems. Travel by car, air or rail all present different challenges to consider.

Air Travel

There are special considerations for those with COPD when flying. Especially when using supplemental oxygen. Many major airlines now allow you to take and use your own portable oxygen concentrator. We always recommend checking with your airline before booking your holiday, or click on the link below for more information.


Most bus lines will provide assistance for those with special needs. We recommend you call at least 48 hours before you plan to leave and let them know if you use supplemental oxygen or are in a wheelchair.  Most bus lines will allow patients to carry and use their oxygen concentrators on board. Always call ahead for specific regulations.

Cruise Ship

Most cruise lines require 4 to 6 weeks prior notice if travelling with supplemental oxygen.  They do however allow you to take your own oxygen concentrators on board, just remember that cruise line regulations may vary.

Quick List:

–          Sufficient Batteries for your oxygen concentrator

–          Sufficient Medication

–          Copy of your oxygen prescription

–          Required medical documentation

–          A list of your medications

–          Proper electrical adapters, particularly if travelling overseas or foreign countries

–          Directions to hospital, walk in centres, in case of emergency

To register for our Simple Oxygen Solutions please read more here or to speak to one of our advisors info@oxygenworldwide.com @oxygenworldwide facebook/oxygenworldwide .

7 reasons why to choose OXYGEN WORLDWIDE

1 – We speak a minimum of 5 languages.
2 – Available 24 hours a day
3 – 7 days a week
4 – We cover most holiday (and other) destinations worldwide.
5 – Our personal approach
6 – Prices to suit each individual case
7 – Our S.O.S. back-up service for travellers with POC’s (portable
oxygen concentrators).

Contact our team at info@oxygenworldwide.com or visit our website www.oxygenworldwide.com for more information.

Taking the last breath in audio

A fantastic collaboration between an artist and composer Joris Geurts from Amsterdam and Dutch founded company Oxygen Worldwide promoting the sounds and effects of breathing.

Oxygen Worldwide have sponsored the upcoming release of this inspirational piece of music named ‘Symphony of Sighs’.  The totally different sounds and colours, produced just by air through the human body, gives an unexpected and rich result with a big meaning.

Oxygen Worldwide helps to provide a vital necessity; medical oxygen to patients and people every day across the globe.  The construction of this piece of music is very classical, with a slow and easy introduction, developing to a more complicated, varied and rhythmical as described from the composer Joris Geurts.

The launch of the new CD ‘symphony of sighs’ is currently at the Galerie Nouvelles Images Den Haag, Amsterdam until May 23 2012.

Joris Geurts *1958  artist and composer, lives and works in Amsterdam to see more of his work watch www.jorisgeurts.com.

Watch the trailer here http://symfoniederzuchten.nl for symphony of sighs.

Visit www.oxygenworldwide.com for more information on medical oxygen worldwide.

Notes to Editors:

Symphony of Sighs was composed by Joris Geurts 2012. Total time: 8:42 Voices: Peter Zegveld, Joris Geurts. Joris Geurts 1958 artist and composer lives and works in Amsterdam, Peter Zegveld 1951 artist and performer lives and works in Amsterdam composed and produced in Studio Le Roy Amsterdam Holland.

Oxygen Worldwide is a company under Dutch management established in 1993, based in Spain and operates internationally. Our objective is to make travel for those who need oxygen as carefree as possible. All Oxygen Worldwide employees are multilingual. Oxygen Worldwide arranges oxygen delivery worldwide for oxygen users on holiday or staying abroad for a longer period of time, also in case of a tour through several countries. For further information, a copy of the trailer please contact our UK representative care@oxygenworldwide.com or founder rutger@oxygenworldwide.com

Rugby Nation Choose Oxygen Worldwide

Oxygen Worldwide & England's 6 nations rugby team
Oxygen Worldwide have added to their ever-growing portfolio of clients with the England’s Women Rugby Team being the latest organisation to reap the benefits of a reliable oxygen supply.
England are midway through their RBS Six Nations campaign and Oxygen Worldwide have been helping them in their quest to claim a seventh consecutive title. The leading lights in oxygen supply were approached by team doctor Harriet Collins to provide a cylinder for away trips to Italy and France to aid the team in the most physical of sports.
The first delivery was arranged for the Italy clash earlier this month. Things were complicated when a late change in location meant the game was switched from Milan, to112 miles away in Genoa. However, the delivery went smoothly and so did England’s display as they cruised to a 43-3 win over their Italian counterparts to make it two wins out of two in this season’s campaign.
The only other nation to currently enjoy a 100% record is France, and the Red Rose country travel across the channel to take on their closest rivals in Paris on 11th March. Oxygen Worldwide will again be providing the fresh, clean oxygen to assist the elite athletes with their breathing. They will also be arranging the smooth delivery and collection process so the team can concentrate on preparing for the crunch match, as England, with Oxygen Worldwide’s help, will be looking for a repeat performance as they continue their bid for Six Nations glory.
All at Oxygen Worldwide would like to wish all rugby teams good luck throughout the RBS Six Nations campaign.
For more information on Oxygen Worldwide please email info@oxygenworldwide.com