Oxygen Travel in Marijke’s care


Name: Marijke
5 year anniversary at OxygenWorldwide
Nationality: Dutch
Loves: speaking different languages and being able to communicate with customers from around the world

I am pleased to say that I have been part of OxygenWorldwide care team for 5 wonderful years. I really enjoy each and every day of my work with the company and gain fantastic job satisfaction caring and helping our customers plan their travels to many parts of the world.

My nationality is Dutch and I am the oldest (in age) member of the OxygenWorldWide team. I am married with a Spanish husband and have 2 children. My  experience and background has always been to provide excellent customer service and care to all my clients, but my job at OxygenWorldwide gives me the opportunity to regularly translate, speak and converse in the 5 languages I am fluent in. I really enjoy the opportunity to communicate with people from every corner of the world.

Most of all it feels satisfying to be helping people realize their dream to travel abroad and because I am so involved from day one in their plans it almost seems that I am travelling together with them day by day. Clients sometimes send us their holiday photos of all the destinations they have visited from London and France to America and Africa, which I really enjoy receiving.
The strangest experience over the past five years was when we supplied liquid oxygen to Israel/Jerusalem for a patient doing a roundtrip on a tour bus but the itinerary included Palestina/Bethlehem and we were all a little nervous about delivery but also confident that even in certain areas we can still deliver all expectations and care to our customers.

In the future I would love to visit one of  the countries in the Balkan region as I am very intrigued by the culture, nature and a destination that I have never travelled to.

I am very proud to be celebrating 20 years of OxygenWorldwide this year and hope to be helping more people travel this year.

Contact me at info@oxygenworldwide.com for further details and information on travelling with medical oxygen abroad or visit www.oxygenworldwide.com to enquire or read more about our team and how we have been supporting customers for 20 years.


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