Oxygen, travel and the best experts in Europe

medical oxygen

You are here because you or a loved one is on oxygen therapy. You found yourself out of breath after doing simple task

Traveling with oxygen may seem intimidating. With a little planning, however, it can be easily – and safely – done.

Before you begin to plan any kind of travel with oxygen, you’ll first need to get clearance from you doctor for travel. You’ll want to have his support and expertise to help with your travel plans.

Whether your traveling by car, bus, or plane there will be some rules to follow and practical things you can do to make traveling with oxygen as easy as possible.

Organising your medicl oxygen is easy – just send an email or contact our team at http://www.oxygenworldwide.com who will help you plan your trip. If you already have a portable oxygen concentrator we can help you feel safe and have peace of mind when in a foregin country with our simple oxygen solution. When you regster for our back up service this means that if something breaks down, goes wrong or is faulty we will be on hand to help.

Email our team info@oxygenworldwide.com


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